Frequently Asked Questions

What is SiSo?

SiSo is an online Resource Management and Booking system. SiSo is an acronym for 'Stock In, Stock Out' and is pronounced Si - as in Simon and
So - as in so what.

How to log a support issue?

Please login to the SiSo Customer Support Portal to log all issues and queries. If you don't already have an account to access this then please register above.

What are the hosting options?

SiSo can be hosted internally on your existing infrastructure, we will install and maintain this for you. SiSo can also be hosted externally on our Co-located servers if you prefer.

Whether you choose to host internally or externally the monthly charge for your SiSo store remains the same.

Does SiSo include reports?

Reporting is one of the largest features of SiSo. Every page allows the ability to filter and export data using the unique SiSo grids. If there is a bespoke report you require we will create the report for you as part of the service. We have many graphical reports already available.

What details do you need to get a site setup?

We only require the name of your SiSo store to begin the setup process. Please go the Next Steps page to check the availability of your chosen SiSo Store domain. Setup only takes 10 minutes and then your SiSo Store is ready to use.

How do I get started?

Give us a call on +44 (0) 1202 777210 or email us to find out more.

Why can't I Log in?

If you are trying to login to SiSo Customer Support Portal and you are a student then you are in the wrong place. You need to visit your Loan store to get the correct address to login. If you are a customer and cannot login then click on the forgotten password tab and follow the instructions. If you do not have an account with us then please register.

What Web Browser should I use?

We recommend Internet explorer, Chrome, Firefox or Safari. Other browsers can be used but are not actively tested.

How to contact us?

We are available by telephone during work hours for any queries and questions you may have, these are Monday - Friday 10:00am to 18:00pm. You can also contact us via email and by using the SiSo Customer Support Portal which is available any time to submit requests and log any issue you may have.

Can SiSo link to LDAP, Shibboleth?

We are very flexible with regards to connecting to third-party tools and data sources where available. SiSo has an integrated registration process available. Alternatively user data can be imported from any sources open to us. Authentication can be established by a secure LDAP (Lightweight Directory Access Protocol) connection so users can login using their Active Directory credentials. Shibboleth authentication has been integrated in to SiSo where applicable. We are a UK Federation Member making setup easy.

How to import your data into SiSo?

SiSo has all the tools to make importing your data a smooth and easy process. We can provide you with our Stock importation spreadsheet or can accept your data in virtually any digital format.

What barcoding guns can I use with SiSo?

Any USB barcode scanner can be used. The cheaper the better we think! USB Smart card scanners work seamlessly too. A mobile version of SiSo can be used on CASIO, Denzo and CipherLab handheld scanning devices.

What's included in the cost?

The cost charged includes access to your SiSo store, unlimited assets, rooms and users. Server set-up, support, system upgrades and customisation, along with any off-site training i.e. over the web or phone. Please contact us for a quotation, volume discounts are also available.

Is system training available?

Yes, we provide customers with over the phone training and over-web training as requested. Onsite training is also available.

Why is SiSo not loading correctly?

It's worth performing a 'Hard Refresh' in your web browser as it may have cached an older version of the system. On Windows CTRL + F5 in the browser will force the browser to reload the site, CMD + SHIFT + R on a Mac.