About Us

community driven software

Evolutionary Software that's community driven

SiSo was created back in 2001 and from those early beginnings it has grown from strength to strength. Around the world SiSo has been seamlessly integrated within universities, colleges, hospitals and corporate concerns.

This is because we are constantly listening to our customers and use a customer led approach to how SiSo operates.

This very unique approach means that SiSo never becomes obsolete as new and useful features are brought into the system at the request of our customers. By doing this we have created, what we like to call the "SiSo Community" everyone who uses SiSo benefits from the great ideas our customers have.

Our customers are central to everything we do and we enjoy building fantastic relationships with them and often great friendships along the way.

We like to keep things simple. When you purchase SiSo there are no hidden charges and no extra modules just one monthly charge with support, customisations and off-site training included.

You can have unlimited users and resources and use as much or as little of the SiSo system as you like. This flexibility allows our customers to choose what's best for them.

Quite simply we believe it's important to have the right tools for the job. Our customers know what they need and that's why we listen to them.